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Boasting Europe’s highest mountains, hiking trails for all levels of hikers, and mountain huts where you can order cheese fondue, we’re talking about hiking in Switzerland, one of Europe’s most beloved hiking destinations. This country in the middle of Europe and the Alps offers a range of hiking trails across its alpine terrains, making it a perfect experience for both experienced and novice hikers. Discover the Matterhorn area from Zermatt, Switzerland’s most recognizable peak, the Jungfrau region in Berner Oberland, famous for its 4000-meter high peaks such as the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau and the alpine lake Oeschinensee, or discover Switzerland’s Italian speaking part at the Mediterranean lakes in Ticino around Lugano and Locarone. The hiking trails are extremely well-marked and in great condition and the public transportation makes it easy to get around, so you can see why it’s such a great hiking destination.

Best hiking trails in Switzerland


Record breaking trails

Switzerland is home to an extensive and unparalleled network of hiking trails, record-breaking by its length, density, diversity, and well-marked signage. With around 65,000 kilometers (40,389 miles) of trails, there are options for every level of hiker, from easy day-hiking trails to challenging alpine long-distance trails such as the Via Alpina.

Switzerland’s hiking trails are some of the best in the world. The Swiss have perfected the art of trail maintenance, ensuring that whether you’re an experienced hiker or someone just looking to enjoy an easy walk in the mountains, you’ll find a trail that’s just right for you. And with Switzerland being the heart of the Alps, you’re never far from a stunning view or a cozy mountain hut.

Grindelwald & Eiger

Grindelwald and the Jungfrau region are one of the most famous places in the Alps. Here, the Eiger Trail offers a panoramic trail with the north face of the Eiger providing a dramatic backdrop. It’s an experience, walking in the shadow of this giant which is famous to rock climbers all over the world. The fairly new cable car, Eiger Express, is an easy way to get to this trailhead.

Different Switzerland

Don’t forget Switzerland’s southern region, Ticino, is a great hiking destination, too. This region, bordering Italy, presents a fascinating mix of Swiss precision and Italian culture. This canton is known for its hills and longer hiking seasons as the mountains are a bit lower than the rest of Switzerland. Lake Lugano, which stands in contrast to the typical alpine landscapes elsewhere is a great getaway for hiking trails in the area such as the three-day hut-to-hut tour, the Lugano Trekking. On top, you’ll face the Mediterranean culture and delicious cuisine making it a paradise.

Valais, top-notch hiking

Valais in French, or Wallis in German, is a canton for the real Swiss alpine experience with its high mountains, including the iconic Matterhorn, surprising vineyards, and historic villages. Experienced hikers can eat their hearts out on one of the many high-altitude trails. One of the highlights is undoubtedly the Aletsch Arena, known for the Aletsch Glacier, where you can hike alongside the largest glacier in the Alps, reminding us of nature’s power and beauty.

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