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Hut-to-hut hiking

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Hut-to-hut hiking is the experience of trekking from one mountain hut to another, typically above the treeline and spending the nights in these shelters. Unlike the small, rustic huts you might imagine, European mountain huts vary widely in amenities. They range from basic dormitory-style accommodations to luxurious single rooms with gourmet cuisine. Most huts offer a comfortable place to sleep and a kitchen where you can purchase meals. These huts are often owned by Alpine Associations such as the SAC in Switzerland, OEAV in Austria, or the DNT in Norway, though some are privately owned or operated by local associations. Hut-to-hut hiking allows you to explore the mountains without descending to the valleys each day.

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Staying in the mountain huts

Mountain huts are simple shelters designed to provide hikers with basic necessities. While they have evolved to offer more comfort over the years, they are not luxury hotels. A typical mountain hut offers a warm place to sleep, often in a dormitory setting, and provides meals. Some huts may have single rooms and showers. Common areas with tables and chairs are available for dining and socializing. Meals are usually served at set times, and while menus may be limited, dietary needs can often be accommodated.

Hut-to-hut hiking trails can be found for all skill levels. Beginners can find easy trails, while seasoned hikers can choose challenging routes that require experience and a head for heights. Family-friendly trails are also available. It’s important to research your chosen hike thoroughly and consult local tourism boards if you’re unsure about the difficulty. Remember, mountain weather can change rapidly, so always check the forecast before setting out.

Where can I do a hut-to-hut hike?

The Alps and Pyrenees alone boast thousands of mountain huts. You can create your own hut-to-hut hiking trail or follow established routes like the Alta Via 1, Tour du Mont Blanc, or GR20. There are trails for all levels, from beginner paths to advanced routes with scrambling or Via Ferrata sections. Our website provides information on various trails, as do many regional websites.

Most mountain huts in Europe are located in the Alps (France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia) and Norway. Each country or region often has its own portal for finding huts. The best approach is to choose a region, gather maps, and explore online resources. Contacting local tourism boards can also provide valuable information. For designated trails, multiple resources will list the available huts.

Reserve your stay at the mountain huts

Booking in advance is recommended as mountain huts are becoming increasingly popular every year. Most huts have websites with contact details for reservations. Alpine Association huts can often be booked through centralized systems like AlpenvereinshĂŒtten. French Alps huts can be reserved via the FĂ©dĂ©ration Française des Clubs Alpins et de Montagne. Travel companies also offer packages that include hut reservations.

Book as early as possible, especially for high season and popular routes. Huts can fill up quickly once booking systems open. If flexibility allows, consider hiking in the opposite direction of popular routes or checking reservation systems regularly for cancellations.

Members of Alpine Associations such as DAV, NKBV, CAB, OEAV, SAC, or PZI can receive up to a 50% discount at participating huts. Always check if the hut offers member discounts and bring your membership card, as the hut warden will verify your membership before payment.

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