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Hiking in Belgium

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Belgium might not have the high mountains of some of its European neighbors, still it has a lot to offer when it comes to nature and might surprise you with its beauty and variety. Hiking in Belgium is a must for anyone who loves dense forests and rolling hills. The country has a lot of variety, from the Ardennes to the Belgian countryside to medieval towns in Flanders and Wallonia. This diversity allows for a wide range of hiking trails within a relatively small area, making it easy to access the trails by public transport or car. The coast offers even some great coastal trails near Bruges.

Best hiking trails in Belgium


National Parks of Belgium

There are six national parks in Belgium, four in Flanders and two in Wallonia, providing a great trail network of both day-hiking and long-distance trails. The national parcs in Wallonia are Parc National de L’Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse and Parc National de la Vallée de la Semois. In Flanders they are the Nationaal Park Scheldevallei, Nationaal Park Bosland, Nationaal Park Brabantse Wouden, and the National Park Hoge Veenen.

National Park Hoge Veenen is also known as the High Fens in the east, which is one of the most unique natural areas in the country and bordering Germany. The relatively new Hoge Kempen National Park Trail is a hidden gem, with heathlands, pine forests, and diverse wildlife that are great for beginner long-distance hikers. As already said, the country’s compact size and efficient public transportation make it easy to access hiking areas from major cities such as Bruxelles, Ghent, Liège, and Bruges.

GR paths in Belgium

Belgium features an extensive network of GR paths (Grande Randonnée in French or Grote Routepaden in Flemish), forming part of a larger European trail system. These long-distance hiking trails stretch through Belgium, diving into the nation’s environmental and cultural richness. The GR trails also link to other paths across Europe, connecting cross-continental hiking trails such as the GR5 which runs from Hoek van Holland through Nice at the Mediterranean Sea.

The GR5 hiking trail leads hikers through the Ardennes, known for its forests, cute valleys, and meandering rivers. Alternatively, the GR12 offers runs from Amsterdam to Paris through the capital of Belgium, Bruxelles.

Hiking in the Ardennes

Hiking in the Ardennes region is an ideal starting point, with its mild terrain and green valleys. Local “mountain huts,” such as the Chaveehut and Vennhütte, offer comfortable resting points and a great basecamp to explore the region. The Ardennes offers even a bivouac trail between the rivers Lesse and Lomme in the heart of the region: Entre Lesse et Lomme.

Belgium has more than just beautiful nature. The historic and culinary side is a great addition to the trails. The country’s architecture, museums, and historical sites provide a cultural backdrop to the trails, while Belgian chocolates, beers, and waffles are great for your hiker hunger. Also, don’t miss out on the Flemish fries with stew at a local restaurant.


Belgium’s moderate climate supports year-round hiking. During the summer, the Flanders coastline, stretching 70km, becomes a prime destination for combining hiking with visits to seaside towns and historic cities like Bruges.

In winter, the High Fens Plateau, Belgium’s highest plateau, is a great destination for winter hikes. Despite the absence of high mountains, the area’s unique landscapes remain appealing and accessible during snowy months. Be aware of the temperature drops in Belgium, especially in the Ardennes it can be quite cold during the winter months. Always pack your layers and rain gear with you. Happy trails!

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