About the Stads-GR Antwerpen: East to West

9 km(6 mi)
Type of trail
Day hike

Difficulty is highly personal. Be aware of the weather conditions as bad weather turns easier trails in difficult trails especially in the mountains.


Lodging means a mix of hotels, hostels or AirBnB’s.

Elevation gain
20 m(66 ft)
Urban, Flat
None of the time
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Situated in the northern part of Belgium lies Antwerp, one of Flanders’s bigger cities. With its 2nd largest port in Europe and its famous trade in diamonds, Antwerp is one of the most important economic cities of Belgium. However, that’s not the only thing this lively city has to offer. Next to hundreds of stores, boutiques, and catering establishments, the city also includes beautiful historical and astonishing architecture, well-known museums, and even a city zoo.

Taking this all into account, it is no wonder that the city attracts around 2 million tourists a year. It is therefore not a surprise that the creators of the GR Network thought a trail connecting all these impressive sights and numerous parks would be a big asset to Antwerp. That’s why the GR Network in Antwerp, stads-GR Antwerpen has been created.

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Hanne Govaerts

Hanne Govaerts is a Belgian outdoors enthusiast. During the week she works a full-time office job but every moment of spare time she tends to spend outdoors, on trail. Her passion for hiking started at the early age of 16, when she impulsively went on a summer camp hiking the Wicklow Way in Ireland. Ever since, her holidays have been filled with hiking trips such as the Matterhorn Trek in Switzerland and the Kumano Kodo Nakahechi Route in Japan. Hanne’s main goal is to hike all the Belgian long-distance trails. With its +/- 10.000 kilometers of trails throughout the country, it’s a challenge that should not be taken lightly. You can follow her hiking adventures on her Instagram account @hannehikes.

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The Trail

Antwerp is the only city in Flanders with its own small GR network, called Stads-GR Antwerpen. This network combines 3 trails: Stads-GR Antwerpen Rondom, Stads-GR Antwerpen East to West, and Stads-GR Antwerpen North to South. This last one fully runs along a section of the GR12, which is therefore not seen as a separate ‘Stads-GR’ route.

The ‘Stads-GR Antwerpen East to West’ connects Linkeroever, on the left bank of the river Scheldt (that runs through the city) with Rivierenhof, a beautiful big park on the outer West side of Antwerp. In Rivierenhof the trailhead of the GR565 Sniederspad is located. The ‘Stads-GR Antwerpen East to West’ is, next to a beautiful route through the city, also a connection for the GR565 to the city center of Antwerp.

Starting on the left bank of Antwerp, the trail begins strongly by walking through the ‘Sint-Annatunnel.’ Don’t forget before entering the tunnel to admire the view of the skyline of Antwerp first. The Sint-Annatunnel, or known as the pedestrian tunnel, is a historic 90+ year-old tunnel connecting the left bank and right bank without blocking the traffic of the Port of Antwerp. This tunnel is primarily known for its wooden authentic escalators that can be used to descend to 31m below the river Scheldt.

After arriving at the right bank, the trail greets you with a little area filled with small shops and boutiques before heading to the main street with all the larger clothing brands. At the end of the street lies the Central Station of Antwerp. It is an imposing building that has been voted as one of the most beautiful stations in the world. The trail takes you through the station, so make sure to admire the main hall with its beautiful dome.

Leaving the central station at its backside, the trail runs next to the big walls of the Antwerp Zoo and enters a residential district. After crossing a bridge over the highway, you immediately enter the park ‘Rivierenhof’ which is the ending point of this trail. Make sure to drink a coffee or a hot chocolate on the terrace of ‘Kasteel Rivierenhof’ and enjoy the supplementary cookie ‘Antwerpse handjes,’ an artisanal cookie that can only be bought in Antwerp itself (and so delicious!).


Since the trail passes through the heart of Antwerp and because the trailhead and finishing point are both very easy to get to with public transport, there are many accommodation options. For example, one can stay in a hotel like ‘Hotel O Kathedral,’ a B&B like ‘B&B Maryline,’ a hostel like ‘YUST Antwerp,’ or a campsite like ‘City Camp Antwerp.’

Best time of the year

Belgium has moderate temperatures year-round. Therefore this trail can be walked any time of year. During the winter, around December until February/March it can be cold and occasionally snowy. During the summer months, from June until September, the temperatures are higher. However, the weather can be unpredictable so one should always be prepared for rain.

Safety & Gear

The ‘Stads-GR Antwerpen’ runs through Antwerp’s city center, making the trail very accessible and not technically or physically demanding. The trail is marked in both directions but due to the numerous streets and alleys, it’s easy to miss one. Do make sure to download the GPX file to make sure you don’t get lost. There is no official map or Topoguide.

Good to know

Due to the short hiking trails, it is easy to combine this trail with the Stads-GR Antwerpen Rondom’ during a weekend getaway or combine it with one of the many other activities this city has to offer.

This trail runs through the city center of Antwerp, so there are plenty of water resources. No need to carry extra!

Point to point

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