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Hiking in Luxembourg

Find your hiking trail in Luxembourg

Despite its compact size, Luxembourg is well known for its impressive hiking trails. You might know the Mullerthal Trail, one of Europe’s leading quality trails, but there is so much more in this tiny country. Take a break from the daily hustle and enjoy the peaceful forests, hike along big boulders, and follow the rivers that weave through the landscape. In the heart of these nature areas, you’ll find small charming villages to relax and enjoy your stay in Luxembourg.

Best hiking trails in Luxembourg


Diverse trails in Luxembourg

The Mullerthal Trail, known as Little Switzerland, showcases stunning natural beauty with its unique rock formations. The Minett Trail takes you through Luxembourg’s industrial past, while the Lee Trail offers scenic views through the countryside or cross borders with Belgium on the Éislek Trail and Moselle 3-trail. If you’re more of a day hiker, try the Guttland Trails for a small hiking break.

Hiking in Mullerthal

The Mullerthal Region is one of the hidden gems of Europe. Big boulders, narrow canyons, and even a labyrinth make this a region that you can spend a lot of time exploring. This area is famous for its rock climbing spots among the Berdorf massif. Each year more and more hikers enjoy this region, as it can be a perfect hiking destination for a long weekend in spring or autumn.

Free public transport in Luxembourg

Luxembourg offers the convenience of free public transport, making it easy for hikers to access the hiking trails. Each trail is well-maintained and accessible, making Luxembourg a great destination for hikers of all levels looking to experience this charming small European country.

Planning a trip to Luxembourg

For those planning a hiking trip to Luxembourg, it’s advisable to check for any seasonal restrictions, such as hunting seasons. But no worries, it’s always very clearly communicated and are mainly during the hiking off-season. The best season to visit Luxembourg is late spring and early autumn for beautiful golden colors in the foliage.

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