panoramic view of forest in Germany during autumn

Hanna van Aalten


Hanna was born in a small village in the back corner of the Netherlands: one of the flattest places in the world. Even though she canโ€™t find the mountains in her surroundings, she likes to go hiking, wild camping, and trail running. She is always looking for new challenges and enjoying the little things. What is the best way to do that in a country without mountains? By going on micro-adventures, like exploring new tracks in the area or making coffee in the woods.

As a physical therapist and health psychologist (i.o.) she wants to help people with physical and mental health problems. She encourages and inspires people to go outside, to be in motion, and to get out of their comfort zone. Being in nature is, in her opinion, one of the best ways to recover from health problems and to get the feeling of freedom and happiness.

You can follow Hanna on Instagram @hannavaalten

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Hanna van Aalten

Trails written by Hanna

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