green grass field near mountain

Chris Gaida


Hey everybody, My name is Chris, 32, I was born and raised in eastern Austria, lived in Vienna for more then 10 years, and since 2020 I am travelling the world with a bunch of stops for work, as hiking and travelling doesnโ€™t pay the bills ๐Ÿ˜‰

I did my first Trail in 2016, which was the at this time not soooo famous Fishermans Trail in Portugal. I hiked it in January and enjoyed the solitude I had during those impressive hikes. Since then I did around 10 Trails all over Europe, but mainly in the south as I really prefer the Mediterranean climate.
I have a quite big knowledge about flora and fauna, and really enjoy to share it while exploring new places and learning new things.

I also document my journey and hikes on my Youtube Channel. Have a look if you like.

Trails written by Chris

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